Comment by tibor on Who Wants To Start An Important Startup? · 2012-08-23T10:25:05.964Z · score: 1 (1 votes) · LW · GW

Hello, I'm new on Less Wrong. The original post brought me here from Hacker News. I really like the idea presented by you and my first thought was that is this the right platform to make things happen? I scrolled through the posts and wanted to scan the headlines, just to check what kind of ideas people come up with. I noticed that I was looking at the small margins under the posts, because it signaled a new idea. That made me think that we can do better than a threaded comment system and asking people to organize information that is already there but in the wrong format. The top post right now has 12 comments and I think if each idea would have a separate discussion thread then people would be more active. I have a lot of ideas what a good platform would look like. If you like my idea, then we could put together a simple webapp that is capable of managing the ideas the post generates. It could also be a test if we can build something together.