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Comment by twistingfingers on Seeking ethical rules-of-thumb for comparison · 2012-06-03T04:47:55.040Z · LW · GW

If it has fur, it might have rabies.

Comment by twistingfingers on A simple web app to create aversion to unhealthy food · 2012-05-05T07:06:13.260Z · LW · GW

What would happen if you had a "sexual image" option in the dropdown for "what is your addiction"?

Would the disgusting images become attractive or the sexual images become disgusting?

Comment by twistingfingers on May 2012 Media Thread · 2012-05-02T18:23:33.806Z · LW · GW

Video Game Thread

Comment by twistingfingers on On Enjoying Disagreeable Company · 2012-04-22T16:47:28.018Z · LW · GW

I thought people like Tsundere?

Comment by twistingfingers on Our Phyg Is Not Exclusive Enough · 2012-04-14T22:28:25.828Z · LW · GW

Like this?

Comment by twistingfingers on Our Phyg Is Not Exclusive Enough · 2012-04-14T22:06:03.014Z · LW · GW


Comment by twistingfingers on Our Phyg Is Not Exclusive Enough · 2012-04-14T21:55:43.419Z · LW · GW

Are you referring to the word cult? I think it might be an attempt on the part of nyan_sandwich to remove its negative connotations but I'm not sure that's the best idea from a publicity point of view.

Comment by twistingfingers on Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 9 · 2012-03-06T02:42:57.515Z · LW · GW

I think we can all agree that Harry's inability to accept natural death as a good thing (hubris) is an impossible trait for a young boy to have unless they have been exposed to great evil.

I expect it to later be revealed that Harry's inability to accept the natural order is due to Voldemort's horcrux being placed within him. When he is healed of it he will probably remain intelligent but stop being power-hungry/evil.

Comment by twistingfingers on The mathematics of reduced impact: help needed · 2012-02-18T22:25:32.508Z · LW · GW

I believe the Oracle approach may yet be recovered, even in light of this new flaw you have presented.

There are techniques to prevent sneezing and if AI researchers were educated in them then such a scenario could be avoided.

Comment by twistingfingers on How would you talk a stranger off the ledge? · 2012-01-23T18:08:33.152Z · LW · GW

You could try reverse psychology, tell them "don't step off the ledge" or "Don't do it!". This is a bit dangerous but might cause them to follow through just to be defiant.

Comment by twistingfingers on The Dark Arts: A Beginner's Guide · 2012-01-21T08:20:15.035Z · LW · GW

Here's a mental challenge to improve your memory while you read this comment: memorize the numbers 39471628, 284738, and 83716329. You will be quizzed at the end of the comment.

I am very similar to the typical LessWrong reader. I think people with negated utility functions with respect to us LessWrongers are bad: "Oh hi there I have a negated utility function and like to generate negative utilons hurr durr." Since you visit LessWrong I would think you are the kind of person who likes to donate to SIAI for the future of humanity.

Can you remember the numbers? They were 39471628, 284738, and 83716329.

Comment by twistingfingers on On Leverage Research's plan for an optimal world · 2012-01-10T15:53:57.959Z · LW · GW

Ultimately, the truth of Connection Theory depends on one thing: whether Yudkowsky supports it. Let us all patiently wait for his judgement before engaging in infighting lest we accidentally end up on the side of the traditional rationalists.

Comment by twistingfingers on Welcome to Less Wrong! · 2011-12-28T02:19:19.480Z · LW · GW

Please don't consider this patronizing but... the writing style of this comment is really cute.

I think you broke whatever part of my brain evaluates people's signalling. It just gave up and decided your writing is really cute. I really have no idea what impression to form of you; the experience was so unusual that I felt I had to comment.

Comment by twistingfingers on Brain-Brain communication · 2011-12-09T18:48:12.785Z · LW · GW

Let the flensing begin...

Comment by twistingfingers on Q&A with new Executive Director of Singularity Institute · 2011-11-07T05:29:16.297Z · LW · GW

Was your Tell me what you think of me thread related to your promotion to executive director?

Comment by twistingfingers on Q&A with new Executive Director of Singularity Institute · 2011-11-07T05:27:37.612Z · LW · GW

Does/How does the SIAI plan to promote more frequent HP:MoR updates by research fellow Eliezer Yudkowsky?

Comment by twistingfingers on Less Wrong Couchsurfing Network · 2011-10-31T06:31:27.752Z · LW · GW

You may want to read Ugh fields.

"The Ugh Field forms a self-shadowing blind spot covering an area desperately in need of optimization, imposing huge costs. "

Comment by twistingfingers on Less Wrong Couchsurfing Network · 2011-10-31T06:11:40.562Z · LW · GW

This would also work great as a dating service. Just put your tastes in the "compensation" section.

Comment by twistingfingers on Fix My Head · 2011-09-17T13:08:27.173Z · LW · GW

I would be more open to switching to a low carb diet if anyone could name something that crunches the way toast does.


Comment by twistingfingers on Requesting advice- where to live · 2011-09-17T05:09:00.235Z · LW · GW

There are probably much more important concerns when choosing a country than the ones you have listed. You haven't even discussed immigration policies. Some of the concerns you have listed (such as intervening in a crisis, burglars) are unlikely to even effect you and seem entirely ideological.

I suggest you rethink this and come up with a list of requirements based on practical concerns rather than ideology.

Comment by twistingfingers on Fix My Head · 2011-09-17T04:38:29.207Z · LW · GW

Are you only listing one of the meals you ate or is this complete? You are often only eating one meal a day?