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Hello, I am Connor (18) from Victoria, Australia. I have been at LW a few times before but usually only as a brief look after being drawn into it from a link. As of today, I have decided to actually stay and properly look into it all (The Sequences, discussions, etc) and learn.

I am a student learning economics and business management. I mostly got interested in rationalism because of two fundamental reasons. Firstly through my upbringing and in extension personality, where my father taught me to be highly sceptical of assumptions (Ironically, he himself is relatively irrational as his beliefs fall under being overly cynical and paranoid) and claims made by any person or organization without first thinking on it myself. My questioning of baseless or fallacious assumptions (Including from the person who taught me to be as such) and desire for adapting my mindset to factor in evidence led me to find rationalism something worth inspecting to improve my thinking process.

Secondly, the other reason I am here is my interest in learning how the world and its many systems work, particularly societal(Which I am learning) and natural/scientific (Which I am sadly limited in). While I myself am not a scientist and have little knowledge of (hard) sciences, I put high value in said fields and would like to talk to (or at least quietly learn from) people who actually ARE knowledgeable in those area's.

I am a fan of technology (particularly cybernetics, robotics, space technology and energy technology) , literature, history, military strategy and art. I also occasionally dabble in philosophy. On a less serious note I love video games, watch anime and occasionally read fanfiction (HPMoR did not bring me here but I have read it). Finally, I am a futurist and transhumanist eagerly awaiting the singularity and am an ardent advocate of renewable energy (Along with my father, we plan on starting up an energy company built around algae bio-fuel once we have enough investors).

And that's me, off to continue reading the Sequence's.