Comment by your_mom on Radical Honesty · 2008-06-05T22:34:36.000Z · score: -1 (1 votes) · LW · GW

It doesn't actually appear that many of you have actually read Blanton's book(s), because had you read them you might not make so many assumptions on what Radical Honesty's ramifications are. Damage is being done all the time to relationships because people continue to stroke one another's egos about things they really don't like. What if you gave real feedback to people? Then you could encourage them to change things that you (and possibly others) find annoying, offensive and outright wrong. Why aren't we totally honest? Because then we have to face total honesty from others--which will probably include a demand for change on our part. So as long as I don't challenge, no one will challenge me. And that is how chicken shits live their lives.

As too the last comment, why bother writing anything if that is truly what you believe? and who is the you that believes it? You won't get anywhere practicing beliefs like that (and trust me you don't practice them)