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comment by Vladimir_Nesov · 2018-10-16T03:45:39.571Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

This is a duplicate of the post made yesterday [LW · GW].

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comment by Martin Sustrik (sustrik) · 2018-10-16T05:59:55.021Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

I had reposting from my site turned on recently. But this article haven't made it through (maybe because it contained tables?) So I've posted it by hand. Then the reposting pipeline caught up and posted it again. I would delete one of the two but there seems to be no delete button.

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comment by habryka (habryka4) · 2018-10-16T19:36:15.939Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

Sorry for that! Will delete this one. We usually check every 20 minutes for new posts in the RSS feeds we hooked up, so I am surprised that this one got posted to late.

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comment by Martin Sustrik (sustrik) · 2018-10-16T20:27:50.632Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

Thanks for fixing that!

comment by TedSanders · 2018-10-16T01:15:23.990Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

This is excellent. Thank you for writing it!