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Hi, people!

Now that I've found this place and before I'm on the mailing list I can share the idea I mentioned during the most recent dojo

A library of things like ladders, waffle irons, drills, projectors, hair trimmers - items which are not all the time in use (or even rarely in use), but it's still useful to have access to them. In order to make it as simple as possible I was thinking about creating a document somewhere decently protected from uninvited people, e.g. a file in the mailing list's folder, where the items, their owners and current location would be listed.

Other information that will be useful: how to contact the owner, rules for renting (use only at owner's place, rent for a couple of days, rent long-term and return on request, rent long-term and you can pass to other members of the group etc.), notes (e.g. this ladder is only 1m high; waffle iron comes with additional plates for sandwich making)

Using: find the item you need, contact the owner, arrange the details between the two of you and update the item's location in the file if it'll stay at the new place for longer than a few days

General rules: take good care of the item you borrow. Don't request money for lending unless it actually costs you to have other people use the item. If you break something, be prepared to pay for it. Keep the file up-to-date

(Oh, and if the name is unknown to you, it's Asia writing)

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