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Comment by unplannedcauliflower on Taking vitamin D3 with K2 in the morning · 2018-12-02T16:29:55.732Z · LW · GW

You have omitted the fact that vitamin K2 is produced not just by bacteria fermenting our food before we eat it, but also by bacteria in our intestines. Have you researched this source of K2? Do you have any reason to believe intestinal flora does not produce enough K2?

At university I was taught that vitamin K deficiency is extremely rare due to its production by inestinal bacteria and that is why normally only newborns (who simply don't yet have gut bacteria) receive K2 supplementation.

Comment by unplannedcauliflower on Winter Solstice 2018 Roundup · 2018-11-29T15:00:12.125Z · LW · GW

Berlin location has been changed, but the space is still somewhat limited (date: 15th December). Contact Anne (Lachoutte?) if you really want to attend

Frankfurt definitely has a Solstice celebration, but I don't know the details.