I compiled a ebook of `Project Lawful` for eBook readers

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This is a link post for https://www.mikescher.com/blog/29/Project_Lawful_ebook

I was on vacation last week and started reading Project Lawful aka planecrash.  
Unfortunately reading on my phone got annoying pretty fast (especially outside in the sun), and the existing glowpub ebook was completely broken on my kindle/koreader.

So I created my own ebook of project lawful with a bit of C# code.  

There are 3*5 different variants, depending if you want avatars, the alignment-texts, etc.

I recommend the project-lawful-inline.epub variant for lower-end devices (or with smaller screens), and the project-lawful-avatars.epub variant otherwise (or if you *really* want the post-avatars).

There are also content-wise 3 variants, the default, one with the SFW chapters, and one with only the main story (no sandboxes/lectures).

I uploaded the compiled epubs  here, or you can clone the github repository and generate them yourself (and perhaps tweak the settings a bit).  
If someone wants to see some screenshots they are also uploaded here for the different variants.

Also thanks to QuartzLibrary/glowpub: I reused his cache files to safe myself a bit of work.  
And, of course Eliezer+Lintamande for writing Project Lawful.


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comment by Max H (Maxc) · 2023-09-15T18:33:29.968Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

These look pretty nice!

The avatars and taglines (and sometimes the post authorship) are pretty important in glowfic, so I would personally recommend the avatars-moreinfo variant if you want something close to the original experience. (There are pretty often tags that are just a facial expression; not sure how you render those in the epub variants.)

Also, flipping through it, I notice some small bugs, e.g. on page 11657 (lol) of the avatars-moreinfo version:


(using the Apple Books reader)

Replies from: OrwellGoesShopping
comment by OrwellGoesShopping · 2023-09-15T20:40:13.911Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

Also, flipping through it, I notice some small bugs

Ah damn. Yeah the first post of a thread is a bit weirdly saved. And because this post did not have a character_name I fell back and used the post-id.

The avatars and taglines (and sometimes the post authorship)

Hmm yeah, currently I'm always omitting the post-author, but in the avatars-moreinfo version there is a bit of space to the right side of the avatar, I'll look into including the author name there.

I'll probably update the script this noon a bit and recreate the epub files - thanks for the feedback.

EDIT: jop, it's updated