Residential Demolition Tooling

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I spent the weekend doing demolition: I'm redoing the first floor bathroom. I previously did the ones on the second and third floors, so I now feel like I have a bit of practice. Before I did my first one I read a bit about how to do it and what tools people tend to use, and while I don't remember any of it being wrong exactly, I know how much stronger opinions about what equipment is useful and in which cases it's worth getting something nice. So: here's my prioritized list of what I think is most helpful for residential demolition.


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A well-made catspaw, with a fine wide chisel on one end, and a finely tapered nail puller on the other (most cheap catspaws' pullers are way too blunt) is very useful for light demo work like this, as they're a single tool you can just keep in your hand.  It's basically a demolition prybar with a claw and hammer on the opposite end.

60K2108 - Restorer's Cat's Paw, 12"

Pictured above is the kind I usually use.