Post-EAG Music Party

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This year the fall EA Global conference was back in Boston, and it was my first time attending one since 2017 [? · GW]. Our first floor tenants had recently moved out, our new tenants hadn't moved in yet: good opportunity for an afterparty!

I decided I'd host a party with board games and quieter conversation in our apartment upstairs, and music in the empty downstairs apartment. I spent the whole evening downstairs so I don't know how games went, but I'm very happy with how the music went!

Since people were coming from out of town and probably wouldn't have their own instruments, I set up the room with a range of options: keyboard, footdrums, electric bass, electric mandolin, (classical) guitar, violin, shakers, sousaphone, baritone, trumpet, whistle, etc. A friend brought their flute and steel-string guitar. This was probably overkill: mostly people were interested in the keyboard, steel-string, bass, mandolin, and drums.

As is common with this sort of musician gathering I didn't know in advance what kind of music we'd end up playing. Some things I remember:

Probably about 80% songs with lyrics, 20% instrumental? I was excited that lots of people tried the footdrums, and was generally really pleased with both how musical people were and how willing they were to try things out of their comfort zone.

We went for about four hours, with some people staying the whole time and others filtering in and out. Averaging maybe 15 people at a time? I had a really good evening, and it felt like a great way to wind down from a weekend full of relatively intense 1:1 conversations.


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comment by Thomas Broadley (thomas-broadley) · 2023-11-18T18:00:08.197Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

That's me on the bass! Thank you for hosting, it was really fun to jam with everyone.

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comment by jefftk (jkaufman) · 2023-11-18T20:07:12.137Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

Thanks for coming!