What additional features would you like on LessWrong?

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This is a question post.

I'm not on the LessWrong team; I'm just curious, and might want to answer that question myself ^_^


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Pinned open threads about recurrent topics. Maybe linked to wikis, or just a selected few. I would like for example to read comments on social norms, but they are spread across many open threads and short form posts.

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A place to suggest features, hence this question '^_^

A way to update my username given I changed my name to Mati a while ago :)

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Yep, feel free to ping us on Intercom and we will gladly change your username. 

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thanks, I appreciate! I don't see Intercom (?). I would like my username to be Mati_Roy

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I wonder if you saw Oliver's reply here [LW(p) · GW(p)]?

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oh, I had missed that :o thanks for letting me know!

by the way, I often see you link information together, and make sure to follow-up on various things; I really appreciate that!

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See the history of Karma changes (now the history disappears, and sometimes I miss it)

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Edit: moved to What reacts do you to be able to give to posts? (emoticons, cognicons, and more) [LW · GW]

I haven't thought this through, but more ways to evaluate a post.

Possibly, some of those ways would only be available by some post, depending on whether the poster selected them.


  • whether (or how much) you agree with a post
  • if a post will change your actions
  • your credence on a post
  • whether you updated from the post

I thought about this because I wanted to know if people would change how they use the term "zero sum" after reading Zero sum is a misnomer [LW · GW]

answer by Mati_Roy · 2020-05-01T05:18:22.298Z · LW(p) · GW(p)


answer by Mati_Roy · 2020-04-23T15:30:58.261Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

A mechanism to handle info-hazard. A comment reported has info-hazard could be immediately hidden until a team reviews it. If it's deemed sufficiently hazardy, the user gets ban or suspended. If it's not hazardy at all, the reporter gets a warning; after 3 warnings, and a ratio worse than 1 in 2 (or something like that), they get suspended. If it's hazardy only for a group of people, there should be a warning before the info-hazard.

I haven't thought about this much, and there could also be downsides too (PM if you want to discuss this more).


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