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I'm aware that it's important but I consistently fail to do implement as habit. I tried different approaches (notebook, journal on computer, one of those thousands of productivity apps on phone/tablet/watch etc) but nothing sticks.

What frame of mind do you use to remind yourself that is worth it every morning?

(Also I'm very drowsy in the early phases of my mornings)

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Thanks for your work.

I don't know where or how to put it properly -sorry- so I'll throw it here:

You'll probably already know which is a way to annotate the web.

What are your thoughts about it? I was starting re-reading the Sequences here, but as soon as I started highlighting on my new device, I realized that I already had highlighted sentences or major points.

I went back to find that "annotate all the web" I remebered reading some years ago.

I think I'll personally give it a try. I'm in no way related to them.

There is also a version for a website in place of the user installing the web-extension, fyi.

Hope to hear from you about this problem. Best! :)

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Thanks, when I checked out your link it wasn't open for guests and now I'm happy it is. I can see how can be terribly helpful using complice full stack, but even as guest, it is still pretty functional and nice. Well done ;)

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Let us know your findings!

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Done :)

EDIT: and +1 to everyone. It took me more doing that than the survey :|

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Just release it as what it is now. Pretty please.

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Yeah, but the weak point is how to realize that a model switching is needed in that very moment.

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We are out of it, so we can bitch about ;-).

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What happened to the intent of this post? Do you still need proofreaders? Count me in, in that case.

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I've had more flashes of awareness, seeing myself running mechanical patterns during times I normally wouldn't have noticed them. Briefly, here and there. I've been sometimes able to radically course correct and do something entirely different. Othertimes, I try and fail to do something different.

Has happened to me different times and I tried to achive that presence of mind more consistently. Obviously, that it's not even far easy: my current approach is to use this approach and my results are inconsistent. But I'm keeping track on those moments, maybe I'll get some results in the long run.

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links are dead!

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I truly hope you are not right about what you have written. I found it really plausible. Frightening plausible.

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He's right, as far as I studied.

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ehm , man: Soter is ancient greek and it was used by medieval erudite scholar, yes, but to refer, in a more or less cryptic way, only to Jchrist.

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Premise: I've studied latin for about 5 years, so I'm not going to use gTranslate for Latin :)

my dictionary sounds better for this scope.

  • Verb:

The verb prodeo [pro-eo] is the best I could think.

  • the particle pro- means something like in front of, even between (me) and something, or near (me): this last one is peculiar and happens only sometimes.

  • eo is the most common and even one of the ancient verbs (that's why is defective/irregular) that means simply go.

So when Cicero (Br. 39) said :

prodire in lucem

he probably meant something like

come out from dark in the light.

Other times is used, like in Caesar (Bg):

in proelium prodire

that should sound like

come out and go to the battle.

(If you need for other occasion for a "incantation" in a more militar situation , a good one could be subject in ablative case+ proelium proditu (prò-e-li-um prò-di-tu), but that's another topic :) )

Even flowers prodent and in a figurative way, even

lacrimae de gaudio prodeunt


tears of joy appeared/came out of (him)

but this sense doesn't matter that much for our problem, i guess.

  • Subject:

Since you don't use "Hat" for the Sorting Hat, but it seems to me that you want to stress the fact that this "entity" is that important because is a Sorter I would guess


would be the best.

Also Eligitor would be nice there is a subtle difference: the last one means "the one who choose what he prefears". Deligo[de-lego -> de-eligo] means choose what (or who) is more apt to a peculiar aim.

A Cicero's quote:

ex civitate in senatum delecti

meant something like

choosen among the cives/citizens to form the senate(to be senators)

Deligitor is the noun formed by the verb, means "who choose, who looks for the fittest men (or stuff) for a task and choose them for that task"

  • The spell: JKR spells are really more naive, but that's not the point: they are not meant to be real Latin, but they are meant to sound like "Ancient powerful spell with complicated and forgotten words", imho.

  • The best grammatical looking phrase would be:

Deligitor prodi

that means "Chooser, be present"

because the verb is in the imperative mode, second person singular: prod-i. But that doesn't sound that good, imho.

A more free construction could be

Deligitor prode

That literally means "(the)Chooser has come to be present here."

and could be quite nice (not too far from Latin, not too boring for a fan-fic).

Or dozen of combination of this ones: deligit[or;-us,-um] prod[i,it,es,

oh! that could be nice also:

deligitor prodeas

is exhortative(or exhorting, i don't know) conjunctive, that simply means:

please, do this or would you mind doing this or it could be perfect/awesome if you bother to do this

that would sound like Chooser, please come here asap , or Sorting hat, come here since we need you

I'll stop here, waiting for some feedback, because otherwise my mind would be lost in this long trip.

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fluo and its derived verbs (like ad-fluo -> affluo) refer mainly to a liquid that flows. I don't think is the more appropriate. Edit: also pileus is a different hat: it is the one used by ex-slaves to mark their acquired freedom. It was high and conic, only made by wool, with no brim. (I know they are nitpicking but maybe they could improve the book and could help sound more professional)