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For what end? Because remember, the point of my munchkinry was to make sure no sentient individual (in this case a version of you) would die. Creating an army up there may have its uses but does nothing to achieve this goal. Unless you are proposing the army make a human ladder? Not only does this seem needlessly convoluted, but we have no confirmation that it creates more than "a" duplicate of you as the original text stated.

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But you make it sound as though these people are objectively “wrong”, as if they're *trying* to actually reduce animal suffering in the absolute but end up working on the human proxy because of a bias. That may be true of some, but surely not all. What ozymandias was, I believe, trying to express, is that some of the people who'd reject your solutions consciously find them ethically unacceptable, not merely recoil from them because they'd *instinctively* be against their being used on humans.

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Being a hopeless munchkin, I will note that the thought experiment has an obvious loophole: for the choice to truly be a choice, we would have to assume, somewhat arbitrarily, that using the duplication lever will disintegrate the machinery. Else, you could pull the lever to create a duplicate who'll deliver the message, and *then* the you at the bottom of the well could rip up the machinery and take their shot at climbing up.