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It might discourage exploration and lead to more stasis in local optimums.

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on Jitters No Evidence of Stupidity in RL · 2021-09-19T17:52:17.718Z · LW · GW

Half as long right?

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Given the extreme infectiousness of the Delta strain it is reasonable to assume that everyone will come into contact with it (either with or without illness if the vaccine works properly). If so, if you are already 14+ days from double vaccination, the timing of coming into contact with it now or in three months time is almost irrelevant (if there is space in the hospitals, otherwise it is in fact reasonable to exercise outside a month or two).

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Points 3 and 4 can only sound excessive

Where is point 4?

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Yes of course

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on How to Sleep Better · 2021-07-18T15:54:16.882Z · LW · GW

Perception of temperature is mostly cultural yes, what do you think about putting sound absorbing panels on the walls of the room?

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on How to Sleep Better · 2021-07-17T23:28:25.718Z · LW · GW

Fascinating article, two things:

  1. On average people prefer a room temperature of 18-22 degrees Celcius.

Are you sure? That looks really cold. My thermodynamics book said 26 C is the best temperature for confort for humans.

2. What about install sound absorbing panels on the walls for sound insulation? Sounds more confortable then earplugs and work both ways, so you can be noisy without giving trouble to the neightbours

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Is this comment AI generated?

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on Gauging the conscious experience of LessWrong · 2021-05-05T18:46:09.850Z · LW · GW

Incredibly fascinating, I am opposite, only internal verbal monologue, no images at all. I can build step by step an image from simple lines and circles in my mind, but it is a conscious effort, (i.e. I am not really seeing it, if you get what I mean, as soon as I focus on a detail the rest vanishes). Basing on your anecdotal evidence I could maybe learn to imagine images that I am not really seeing with my eyes in that moment but it feels like the opposite of what my mind "is built" to do.

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on Psyched out · 2021-04-27T12:27:35.835Z · LW · GW

I am quite young, I am in fact in university studying artificial intelligence and this website did play a bit of a role in me choosing this field of study (I was already quite drawn to it before). I think this site has a too extremist view of AI risk, but it is important to read opinions different from mine. This site is mostly quite interesting if not at the level astral codex 10.

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on Psyched out · 2021-04-24T00:41:40.845Z · LW · GW

I have no concrete advice for you but Good Luck! I wish you all the best.

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You can teach them Yugioh this way:

  1. Begin with only no effect monsters only attack position -> Bigger number wins
  2. Add defense position
  3. Add tribute monsters
  4. Add effect monsters
  5. Add normal spells
  6. Add normal traps
  7. Add complicated spells and traps
  8. Introduce weird summoning mechanics
  9. (Maybe) Introduce crazy infinite combos
Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on People Will Listen · 2021-04-15T20:18:07.132Z · LW · GW

Yes a doublingsToSkip variable, where the 20% is withdrawn only if i > doublingsToSkip  would be an interesting addition

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on People Will Listen · 2021-04-12T11:22:17.015Z · LW · GW

Given an investment that will double forever your investment and money in the bank with the 20 percent rule will be, starting with 100:

Number of doubling: 0; Invested: 100.00; Bank: 0.00; Pure HODL: 100; ratio: 1.00
Number of doubling: 1; Invested: 160.00; Bank: 40.00; Pure HODL: 200; ratio: 1.00
Number of doubling: 2; Invested: 256.00; Bank: 104.00; Pure HODL: 400; ratio: 0.90
Number of doubling: 3; Invested: 409.60; Bank: 206.40; Pure HODL: 800; ratio: 0.77
Number of doubling: 4; Invested: 655.36; Bank: 370.24; Pure HODL: 1600; ratio: 0.64
Number of doubling: 5; Invested: 1048.58; Bank: 632.38; Pure HODL: 3200; ratio: 0.53
Number of doubling: 6; Invested: 1677.72; Bank: 1051.81; Pure HODL: 6400; ratio: 0.43
Number of doubling: 7; Invested: 2684.35; Bank: 1722.90; Pure HODL: 12800; ratio: 0.34
Number of doubling: 8; Invested: 4294.97; Bank: 2796.64; Pure HODL: 25600; ratio: 0.28
Number of doubling: 9; Invested: 6871.95; Bank: 4514.63; Pure HODL: 51200; ratio: 0.22
Number of doubling: 10; Invested: 10995.12; Bank: 7263.41; Pure HODL: 102400; ratio: 0.18
Number of doubling: 11; Invested: 17592.19; Bank: 11661.46; Pure HODL: 204800; ratio: 0.14
Number of doubling: 12; Invested: 28147.50; Bank: 18698.33; Pure HODL: 409600; ratio: 0.11
Number of doubling: 13; Invested: 45036.00; Bank: 29957.33; Pure HODL: 819200; ratio: 0.09
Number of doubling: 14; Invested: 72057.59; Bank: 47971.73; Pure HODL: 1638400; ratio: 0.07
Number of doubling: 15; Invested: 115292.15; Bank: 76794.77; Pure HODL: 3276800; ratio: 0.06
Number of doubling: 16; Invested: 184467.44; Bank: 122911.63; Pure HODL: 6553600; ratio: 0.05
Number of doubling: 17; Invested: 295147.91; Bank: 196698.60; Pure HODL: 13107200; ratio: 0.04
Number of doubling: 18; Invested: 472236.65; Bank: 314757.77; Pure HODL: 26214400; ratio: 0.03
Number of doubling: 19; Invested: 755578.64; Bank: 503652.42; Pure HODL: 52428800; ratio: 0.02

Generated with:


investment = investment0 = 100
bank = 0
pure_hodl_ratio = 1

percentage_to_sell_at_each_doubling = 0.2
for i in range(20):
   print(f"Number of doubling: {i}; Invested: {investment:.2f}; Bank: {bank:.2f}; Pure HODL: {investment0*2**i}; ratio: {pure_hodl_ratio:.2f}")
   investment *= 2
   bank += percentage_to_sell_at_each_doubling * investment
   investment -= percentage_to_sell_at_each_doubling * investment
   pure_hodl_ratio = (bank + investment) / (investment0*2**i)/2

You can change the 20% to another value, 50% is a critical value to stay below.

Not investment advice, have fun with this.

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on Fun with +12 OOMs of Compute · 2021-03-03T19:18:08.963Z · LW · GW

Consider Stockfish + NN searches 25 moves ahead on modern hardware. Considering a branching factor of 10 this means Stockfish +12oom will see 37 moves ahead. Some games last less then 37 moves. This is really cool indeed

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on Rational Toothpaste: A Case Study · 2021-02-28T14:05:45.789Z · LW · GW

I suggest always drinking a glass of water after eating anything sweet and or sour before washing your teeth. Also if you drink coca-cola just stop, it is the most probable cause of the huge number of cavities that you are suffering from.

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on TAPs for Tutoring · 2020-12-27T01:08:37.021Z · LW · GW

Paraphrasing is good because you can express the same thought in multiple ways in natural language. Repeating the words is something a tape recorder can do, paraphrasing means going WORDS -> MEANING -> WORDS, so, if the last step is correct, the middle one is likely to be correct too. For example F = ma -> reality of motion -> so you say ohh like when you slide a lot on ice on rollers because there is so little friction (force)

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on Aim to explain, not persuade · 2020-10-31T18:38:39.355Z · LW · GW


Don't was your time -> Don't waste your time

Comment by Caridorc Tergilti (caridorc-tergilti) on Has anyone researched specification gaming with biological animals? · 2020-10-21T13:29:46.541Z · LW · GW

They used pigeons to look at pictures of potential cancer and decide if it was cancer or not.