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Thank you!

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I've mailed CFAR ( or should I have mailed people directly?

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Is there anyone from this group? I want to ask them one question: "What are the results of using #daily_log channel in your slack group? Did you get any productivity boost?"

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Some time passed, so I see a couple of plausible reasons why there is no info yet:

  1. There was no such public group.
  2. People who participate in this group or know about this group haven't seen my request.
    Did I miss something?
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Some time ago I saw the information (don't remember where) about a group which was focused on learning AI Safety syllabus or MIRI guide. Does this group exist?

Perhaps my memory fails me and I remember information about AI Safety reading group. This is also a great group, but its focus is different.
I've also seen RAISE and maybe they are connected with these groups or actually are one of them, but I don't have full information about it yet.

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TL;DR - A man is searching for a rival to grow together.

Hello everyone!
This comment was inspired by Anti-Lone Wolf and Stronger Together posts.

What I got from these posts is:

  1. Anti-Lone Wolf: Trying to go alone, you may miss an important part of motivation.
  2. Stronger Together: There is some kind of evidence that group improvement works.

What I got from my research of doing more is:

  1. After a myriad of methods and tips tried during 4 years, I remained on the same level - doing things mostly under Panic Monster pressure. I desperately want to change this.

Having a group of people who have their views almost aligned is good, but what if one could add some sort of competition to this?
My current theory is that if two persons have the same goal and similar strategies of pursuing this goal, their competition can benefit each of them.
For example, I heard that while sprinters train on track, they mostly run at least in pairs while going for a record. (I haven't found written proofs of this). This implies, I suppose, that it's easier to get better results when you compete with someone.
The other example - It is recommended to organize startups not alone, but with a co-founder. I assume that in this case, among other benefits, there is a benefit from support while one of founders is lacking motivation.

Based on this, here I am, searching for a person who has the same goal and is on the same stage of reaching this goal, with similar strategy. My current state: Finished BS in Applied Math, preparing for an application.

I apologize if this is the wrong place for such posts. In this case, it would be nice if one gave information about where it's appropriate to post this.
I also apologize if something from this post is naive or too vague. I'm open to any questions and suggestions.

EDIT (4:30, Jul 25 UTC) - It seems that I was wrong about focusing on competition. In games it's easy to tell who is stronger because usually it's the winner. However, there is no strict rules and definitions about winners and losers in real life. Some minor thing later can play a huge role and nobody knows whether it will happen or not.

So instead of "rivals with a bit of partnership" the focus shifts to "partners with a bit of competition". It seems that this idea is very similar to Stronger Together post, just they have a broader goal.