Benefits/Risks of Scott Aaronson's Orthodox/Reform Framing for AI Alignment 2022-11-21T17:54:01.401Z


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I think I misspoke slightly here. I have the MK III and it appears to be the MK II that is available as a kit. Not sure what the differences are.

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I’ve experimented quite a bit with piezos on percussion. The only thing I’ve found remotely decent was the Zeppelin Design Labs Cortado MK II. I’ve used it with a LP Laptop Conga (attached with blue tack). If you slide your hands at all you get a lot of whooshy white noise, and you can get noise from jostling the cable, but otherwise it sounds pretty much like a normal microphone minus any room ambiance. Apparently they also use them under basketball courts for TV broadcasts.

It’s a bit on the expensive side but they have a much cheaper DIY kit version if you are at all handy with electronics. It does require phantom power.

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As the EA Forum answer notes, I am late to the party on this one...

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I see that there has already been some discussion of Scott's post here where xarkn argues that it enforces division and tribal warfare.


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I came here to say separate blankets too. Employed this approach not 2 weeks ago with 5 and 8 y-o. Eventually 8 y-o decided he wanted to sleep on the floor, which worked out great as well with a folded up bed spread under him. With their lighter bodies, kids need a lot less padding under them than us adults - thought you might have to sell them on the idea a bit. We’ve built cozy nests in an open closet before as well, too good effect.

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I also get an error for boston-effective-altruists. "Content unavailable Click here to try again." Perhaps a box needs to be checked to make it publicly available?

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Yes. I heard back from them this morning and they recommended contacting the orgs who are doing the trials directly. I googled and called a couple and they both said they are closed to adults now. Only enrolling children and adolescents. I imagine it's a lot easier to sign up adults for this type of thing...

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Huh, I called this morning and the guy I spoke to said it isn't Pfizer doing the trial. They said I had to call the other (Austrian?) number on the page, or email I did the latter. 

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Wow thanks! I was all over Google and the Valneva site but didn’t think to look at Pfizer.

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Boy, the page on LYMErix is pretty brutal.

Looks like a French company has another candidate, VLA15 that is heading (headed? as of this past March) into Phase II trials (with some help from Pfizer) for ages 5 and up.

Does anyone know how to find out where these trials happen? Would love to sign up if it's not too late. 

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The CDC recommends using "...a cleanable face shield (preferred) or a surgical mask over an N95 respirator..." for extended use or reuse. This may make it more difficult to breathe, but perhaps worth trying. Surgical masks are also not so available these days, but maybe something like a bandana or other covering would also help protect the mask.