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I'm planning to try this: I think that the Roam founder also recommends it.

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This is a sidepoint, but I'd be interested in hearing more about Wikipedia's "increasing signs of ideological uniformity". I wasn't aware that it was biased, and I'm not sure what direction the bias is in.

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Thanks so much to the LessWrong team for all your support - the Forum wouldn't exist as it does without you, and we've learnt a lot from conversations with you.

I wanted to link to our post explaining the goals of the Forum, which Oli's excerpt is from.

We are still in the process of rolling out additional features like sequences and the community section, but most of the things you’re familiar with should be there, and basically everything should be there eventually.

Some things we’re doing slightly differently: rather than having a “meta” category, we have a slightly broader “community” category, which is designed for organizational updates and discussion of community issues. We hope this means that new users will hit the intellectual side of the Forum before seeing community-focused discussion, whilst still leaving room for valuable coordination and information sharing. We also don't have a curated section.

As before, feel free to cross-post content which is relevant to both communities -- it will be moderated according to the standards of each community.