Winning doesn't need to flow through increases in rationality 2023-06-02T12:05:26.615Z


Comment by MichelJusten on What 2026 looks like · 2024-02-01T22:38:43.974Z · LW · GW

"Elon re-enters the fight to build safe advanced AI."

Oddly specific and correct. Cool.

Comment by MichelJusten on How to Lumenate (UK Edition) · 2023-09-07T22:15:48.138Z · LW · GW

Thanks for writing this up Chana! Helped me prep for my first winter in the UK :)  

Comment by MichelJusten on The “mind-body vicious cycle” model of RSI & back pain · 2023-06-01T14:34:24.561Z · LW · GW

Thank you for sharing! As of this morning I was telling myself that I've developed RSI in both arms over the last week –but I'm now reconsidering that belief ;)

Comment by MichelJusten on The Core of the Alignment Problem is... · 2022-12-16T21:03:27.872Z · LW · GW

As a beginner to alignment, I found it very helpful to see these different frames written out

Comment by MichelJusten on Toni Kurz and the Insanity of Climbing Mountains · 2022-08-24T05:26:44.168Z · LW · GW

Really enjoyed this read! 

Comment by MichelJusten on Rationalists Are Less Credulous But Better At Taking Ideas Seriously · 2022-08-18T23:39:05.860Z · LW · GW

The relevant difference is that Gallant knows how to take ideas seriously.

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