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I think saying that people hate prophets is like saying that people hate ads. They hate the bad ones, because those are the ones they consciously notice, whereas the best ads/prophets probably exert their influence without people even thinking of associating them with those categories.

Besides, if "low rank in the pecking order but high decision-making power" applies to people who exert substantial influence with their ideas but don't have a correspondingly impressive amount of wealth or shiny credentials, it's not difficult to think of examples who are very far from hatable.

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I agree. I used the modifier “sufficiently” in order to avoid making claims about where a hard line between complex goals and simple goals would lie. Should have made that clearer.

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Thank you for the correction. Thinking about it, I think that is true even of humans, in a certain sense. I would guess that the ability to hold several goal-nodes in one’s mind would scale with g and/or working memory capacity. Someone who is very smart and has tolerance for ambiguity would be able to aim for a very complex goal while simultaneously maintaining a great performance in the day-to-day mundane tasks they need to accomplish which might have seemingly no resemblance to the original goal at all.

It seems to be a skill that requires “buckets”

So, both in humans and computers, I would guess this is an ability that requires certain cognitive or computational resources. So I maintain my original claim granted that those resources are controlled for.

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I noticed recently that the tradeoff you have to make to be more dependable in that way is to be less open. Less open to new projects, new information, new people. You have to be less malleable, and more definite. It is largely about being able to knowingly cut the majority of the world from your attention, to ignore what isn't important. I don't think that's a bad thing -- there's much more joy in being focused and determined than in shifting your attention and commitment around. But it is something that comes more naturally to people once they figure out what seems to them to be the right path, once they figure out a task or project that deserves their undivided attention and commitment, once they don't feel like they're getting stuck in a local maximum in an avoidable way.

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Who are you and how is it that we don't we know each other yet?

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I’m fairly certain that in the vast majority of the time, negative emotions are ego-dystonic.

They’re not something actively sought out out of a desire for meaning, they’re something essentially inflicted upon the sufferer by parts of their mind that they can’t control.

I think acceptance of negative emotion is often driven from being in that position, a position of helplessness, often driven out of a desire to maintain a good self-image, and avoid entering the negativity loop — and not from a position of having control over whether it happens or not, and seeking it because it brings meaning.

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Yeah, it would be interesting to investigate how that would work. I think the insights would serve to set a lower bound to mood, the same as what religion does for many people.

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I get bodily fatigue when I don't take it for over five days, I haven't ventured farther than that. No particular reason to.