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With This Ring
An SI fanfic set in the DC universe. Main character is a transhumanist and tries to improve the world using his previous knowledge of the world, research, noticing things others have overlooked, and intelligent application of his powers. It's well written. Even though the main character is very powerfull, he doesn't come off as a Gary Stu.

Things to note.
Sometimes the words are different colors. These correspond to the different emotional states states of the characters.

Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum

Also any parts of the story where the title is red or there's a red star, is part of the 'Renegade Option' side story.

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Up and coming writer of rational fiction alexandarwhales has started a new story. The Metropolitan Man

The year is 1934, and Superman has arrived in Metropolis. Features Lex Luthor as the villain protagonist as he comes to grips with the arrival of an alien god.

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The SCP Foundation Wiki

A wiki about the SCP Foundation and the various SCP's contained within.

About the Foundation

SCP Classifications

Security Clearance Levels

SCP Ethics Commity - [Audio]

Here are some SCP's to get you started!

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I would appreciate some advice. I've been trying to decide what degree to get. I've already taken a bunch of general classes and now I need to decide what to focus on. There are many fields that I think would enjoy working in, such as biotechnology, neuroscience, computer science, molecular manufacturing, alternative energy, etc. Since I'm not sure what I want to go into I was thinking of getting degree with a wide range of applications, such as physics, or math. I plan on improving my programming skills in my spare time, which should widen my prospects.

One goal I have is to donate to various organizations. One area of study I was considering was gerontology, working at SENS, but I learned that they already have a large pool of researchers, and their main bottleneck is funding. Other areas I want to donate to are MIRI and GiveWell.

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All you'd ever want to know about socks.

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For more information on fitness, check out /r/Fitness. Especially their FAQ.

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The sequences come close to a million words.

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Blog post on Soylent by Kurtis Frank

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I'd go to a meetup. This is the West Lafayette campus right?

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