Comment by Sesquipedalist on Taking control of your happiness and productivity · 2015-03-27T14:04:35.714Z · LW · GW

I just wanted to point out that the article says "People who see outcomes, both good and bad, to be due to their own doing are said to have a strong internal locus (the left side of the below scale)." but the scale shows the internal locus on the right.

Comment by Sesquipedalist on Meetup : LessWrong Scotland · 2015-03-04T10:59:34.776Z · LW · GW


I am brand new to LW (this is my first comment!) and have only just started reading the sequences. I'd love to meet up with some fellow rationality-enthusiasts, but am not likely to be able to make this meet-up (I will negotiate with my other half, you never know).

Any future gatherings in Edinburgh would be most welcome, though. Keep me informed if any are being arranged.