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I liked this piece quite a lot. Thanks for writing it.

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Thanks Vipul. I agree that the time horizons people who are at low personal risk are working on are very short, eg 2-4 weeks.

I would say that if you are in a highly secure position then also schedule some time to explicitly reflect on your work and life thus far. Are you trying to solve the most important problems in your work? Are you lonely because the people who you would otherwise spend time with aren't reaching out to you, or you don't derive social support or enjoyment sufficient for you to spend the effort reaching out to you? Do you know how to rest if you don't have events and obligations to fill all your time?

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I appreciate you raising this issue, Evan. And especially the clarity of the trade off between instrumental and epistemic rationality brings into focus a sense of discomfort I have felt in a lot of the recent activity on LW critical of the CDC.

I think it's especially important to keep our egos small and remember that expertise does not generalise.

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I agree. I would follow the advice of your government health authority, which as far as I am aware does not call for citizens to screen each other before attending an event.

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Thanks for this resource, Sam. I can't see it on the EA forum, but it's definitely worth posting there.

Really appreciate you sharing this!

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Yes. It was meant to imply a comparison set against which your post should be considered - e.g., if I read about 1-10 articles like yours every day, then your post was among the best of about 100-1000 (possibly an exaggeration for effect).

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Please do not post links without any description or context. As an RSS subscriber I am unable to even see (or open) linkposts without opening the LW post in my browser. A description of the link (and ideally a repetition of the link in the post text) is very useful for helping readers understand why you linked it and who may wish to read it.

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Meta: are you republishing this piece from somewhere else? I subscribe to LW (and EAF) with RSS and over the past few days I've had all of your previous posts inserted into my feed three times. Is this likely to be some issue with LW, or an integration with your personal blog?

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Really great to see this sort of work, separate from the typical US centric view.

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Thanks for this insightful piece.

It seems to me that there's a third key message, or possibly a reframing of#1, which is that people without power should be considered less morally culpable for their actions -eg the Wells Fargo employees should be judged less harshly.

The concept of "human error" is often invoked to explain system breakdown as resulting from individual deficiencies (eg, early public discussion of the Boeing 737 MAX crashes had an underlying theme of "Ethiopian and Indonesian pilots are just not as skilled as American pilots") - but a human factors / resilient engineering perspective recognises that humans' roles in technical systems can be empowered or constrained by the system design. And of course it was other humans who designed (approved, built, ...) the system in the first place.

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I'm interested

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The best post I have read this quarter. Thank you for wading through these books and filtering the inanity from the insanity.

It was a real waste of energy for both of us (you to research and write; me to read). Excellent work!