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There is a paper describing the architecture

It looks like the system is comprised of many independent skills and an algorithm to pick which skill to use at each state of the conversation. Some of the skills use neural nets, like a CNN for parsing images and a RNN for completing sentences but the models look relatively small. 

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Could you elaborate on step 4? How can you buy 10 shares of each bucket if you only have $10? Isn't the total cost 14.80 * 10?

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The best way to get leverage

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Second link broke, I believe it moved here

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There is a very extensive discussion of a UPRO/TMF strategy here. One thing to note is taxes severely decrease the returns of strategies which require frequent re-balancing.

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Have you rechecked the data recently?

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I see, thanks for clarifying!

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Why do you think "lesser" AI being transformative is more worrying than AGI? This scenario seems similar to past technological progress.

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Here is the reverse: