CFAR's 2019 Fundraiser

post by Timothy Telleen-Lawton (erratim) · 2019-12-30T00:03:10.040Z · LW · GW · 1 comments

CFAR's 2019 fundraiser is live, and runs through January 15! You can donate here.

We recently did an AMA [LW · GW] here on LessWrong, and released posts about our progress and plans [LW · GW], and our finances; expect more posts soon from Dan Keys about metrics, and from Anna Salamon about our mission.

Donations to CFAR are unusually valuable at the moment—our long-term sources of funding are uncertain, which is making it difficult for us to make long-term plans and promises. We would love to have your support!


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comment by ESRogs · 2020-01-12T04:33:26.748Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

Just donated!