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it's a rather more confused experience than for those who have always been sighted.

I suppose they just need to develop the spatial skill to process the information? As I said there is no reason to believe these people lack qualias, as color-blind people with synesthesia experience so-called "Moon Colors"

I have never heard of people who acquired sight later in life experience long-term issues with the sense; unlike say people who haven't been exposed to language at an early age.

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Some people are color-blind. This deficiency can be objectively demonstrated by tasks such as the Ishihara patterns.

This does not mean that color-blind people are missing qualia. In fact we know for sure that at least some color-blind individuals still possess the qualia of the "missing" color.

As a general rule people that cannot smell/touch ect. simply lack the receptors for these kind of experiences; this doesn't mean they lack the qualia.

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Highly debatable

I would say that the only fair thing to say here, is that we simply do not have any way to know that as of today.

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Submission: Low-bandwidth Oracle

What is the most likely solution to the Fermi Paradox?

Answer can be picked from a small number of options (Rare Earth, Aestivation, Great Filter, Planetarium etc.). There are a number of observation that we can make based on the question alone. However, in the end the LBO can only do one of 2 things: lie or be honest. If it lies, the prediction will have a harder and harder time matching the reality that we observe as time goes on. Alternatively we confirm the prediction and learn some interesting things about the universe we live in.

Submission: Low-bandwidth Oracle

What was the first self-replicating molecule on Earth?

Short answer(can also be limited to a list), easy to verify in the lab, which means we can use it to assess the predictive power of the machine, while at the same time provides very useful information.

Similar questions that are hard to answer but can be answered in a few bits, which let us test the power of the LBO and provide massive returns at the same time:

What is the easiest to develop type of fusion power that ensure the best economic return in the short/medium term?

What is the cheapest way of access to space?

What forms of FTL are possible?

What are the ligands of orphan receptors?


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Very interesting work. I am not an expert by any means, but a quick search in the chapter on Jewish Law does not mention the Kibbutz. While admittedly the most interesting aspects of the Kibbutz are the anthropological ones rather than the ones concerning the legal system I suppose they could be an example of a "very different system". Unfortunately I cannot recommend any source in particular. Similarly in the Iranian government the Legal and Political systems are heavily interweaved with the religious authority.

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I've been a trader for 2 years, it's just a hobby for me. I've mostly done Sentiment and Fundamental but wanted to try Technical and others.

If you were a hobbist like me, what would you say is the best way to host a bot? Should I get my own server? Do I rent one? Or do I use an exchange?

Thanks, great post and I love your logo.

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A Blockchain cannot validate information received if the hardware is not secure, so it cannot replace the Fail-Deadly Key.

A Blockchain, on the other hand, could timestamp the hash as soon as it is generated to ensure it was created before a certain point in time.

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I guess you could do that in a variety of ways. PM in general can be used to create rewards for events to happen. Take the following: "I agree to leave facebook if ten million other people agree to leave with me." could be implemented as "I bet $$ that 10M people will not leave FB within a month", people can then stake against it and leave FB to promote the event (and share the contract). PM are very flexible, the real limitation IMO is to create a community to bring liquidity to the market and then create a standard contract for people to follow for a specific type of market

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Looks like something of this sort could be easily implemented in an already existing platform like Augur, I actually wouldn't mind putting some effort in it if someone is interested

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Interesting. The article didn't mention that.

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At 277, AlphaStar APM was, on average, lower than both MaNa and TLO's.

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Do you happen to accept proposal for research that you can fund?

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You are correct. There is no known experiment that can conclusively prove the existence of qualia in other minds (as far as I know). All this prove is that the fish can feel pain (which we already know from neurophysiological research) not that it can experience it.

Although the experience of pain is almost inevitable in every large enough evoluture (from a theoretical point of view).

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As someone who works in the field, I am very skeptical about these kind of statements from scientist in eastern countries (China in particular), and while events described are certainly within the realm of possibility, I'd rather wait until more evidence is available before taking the new seriously.

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This post was very well written, though it seems to me to be dominated by views that are perfectly aligned to a certain political opinion, which actually kind of disencourage me from commenting.

For instance, your first point about unwanted sex seems rather strawmanish to me; obviously "antifeminists" do not use the word rape in the literal sense of "unwanted sex". No one wants something that is unwanted, rather it is generally intended as something like "Women enjoy sex in ways they are unwilling to admit publicly, and to a lesser extent also privately".

There is another point that stuck to me:

“How could I have wronged her? She had five boyfriends before me who did the same thing I did!”

Well, no. You’re implicitly working on revealed preference theory here, when it isn’t warranted. “She must have wanted it, because it happened to her repeatedly” is just untrue. It could be bad luck, with no agency on her part at all.

Indeed, it could be bad luck, but if it is, based on my personal experience, women must have an unusual, almost magical amount of bad luck. Growing up, I witness the virtual totality of my female friends ending up in relationships with men that scored among the top of the distribution in traits like extrovertedness and aggressiveness, they were also considerably older and a lot more experienced, which easily put them in a position of relative advantage with respect of their partner.

Did you observe a similar pattern growing up?

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Any suggestions for Sociology/Social Psychology?

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The suggestion about Fortune 500 CEO seems good; "self-made" millionaires are a category far enough from STEM, and, due to their status, they are more likely to have reliable biographical information. If you want to go in a completely different direction, how about something like the Darwin Awards?

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Correct. I guess I'd rather have an appropriate quantification of the "encouragment" though; but I could be wrong, I will read the study design...

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Interestingly, I had a similar "plan" set up myself, with Iceland as destination (way closer to where I live)

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I think the point here is that there are many circumstances that can influence the choice to use formula, and these might have a stronger effect than the choice itself.

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Thanks for the great reading, I wonder if someone would be interested in writing a zetetic description of a very complex subject, as an exercise of course, to see if such a thing is even possible for very complex subjects or how effective it is. I'm new to the site so sorry if such a request is off topic.