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Sydney Rationality Dojo - June 2018-05-27T12:05:06.797Z
Sydney Rationality Dojo - May 2018-04-22T12:01:51.499Z
Sydney Rationality Dojo - April 2018-03-30T14:18:25.603Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - June 2017 2017-05-15T22:20:29.171Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - May 2017 2017-04-17T01:03:27.412Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - April 2017 2017-03-25T01:02:11.216Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - March 2017 2017-02-06T09:51:59.180Z
Meetup Discussion 2017-01-08T05:14:29.910Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - February 2017 2017-01-08T04:47:36.498Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - December 2016 2016-10-28T23:39:09.735Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - November 2016 2016-10-28T23:38:36.155Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - October 2016 2016-07-06T11:26:18.781Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - September 2016 2016-07-06T11:25:24.065Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - August 2016 2016-07-06T11:24:53.159Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - July 2016-04-10T00:31:31.651Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - June 2016-04-10T00:29:21.483Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - May 2016-04-10T00:27:26.762Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - April 2016 2016-04-04T22:30:24.801Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - March 2016-02-11T09:24:34.214Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - February 2016 2016-01-26T21:15:44.009Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - December 2015-11-27T23:24:59.693Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - November 2015-10-15T11:53:07.203Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - October 2015-09-29T12:14:31.637Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - September 2015-07-21T12:18:02.355Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - August 2015-07-21T12:16:34.625Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - July 2015-06-25T12:55:14.794Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Intuitive Bayes 2015-05-11T10:53:17.790Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Planning and Debugging 2015-04-16T21:57:18.623Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Skill Training Part 2 2015-03-01T21:08:03.401Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Optimising Skill Training 2015-02-07T22:11:16.847Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - How bad statistics can ruin your life 2015-01-06T07:49:43.752Z
Meetup : Sydney Summer Solstice 2014-12-06T23:37:09.487Z
Editing meetups 2014-12-05T09:51:28.750Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Approaches, Conspecific Interactions, Arguments and Communications 2014-11-29T01:30:51.012Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Focused-grit and TAPs 2014-10-28T23:56:28.189Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Urge Propagation 2014-09-28T01:56:32.113Z
Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Habits 2014-08-31T00:36:41.584Z
Meetup : Rationality Dojo - Aversions 2014-07-28T10:27:53.760Z
Meetup : LW Sydney Rationality Dojo - Agency 2014-06-30T11:28:52.467Z


Comment by luminosity on Sydney Rationality Dojo - June · 2018-06-01T23:48:34.360Z · LW · GW

Note that the address has been updated due to an unfortunate double booking.

Comment by luminosity on Meetup Discussion · 2017-02-06T09:51:24.409Z · LW · GW

I'd definitely be interested to read it!

Comment by luminosity on Meetup Discussion · 2017-01-15T12:47:35.058Z · LW · GW

Venues are definitely a problem -- we're lucky enough to have a relatively central humanist group who let us hire out their meeting space once a month, but occasionally it has been difficult to scramble to find an alternative.

I wonder if there'd be some value in having a list of suggested ways to find a venue for people organising meetup groups.

Comment by luminosity on Meetup Discussion · 2017-01-15T12:45:54.281Z · LW · GW

Did you get people that did crossover from these meetups to the others? It seems like a more lightweight / fun topic like this might be good for letting people get involved more easily?

Comment by luminosity on Meetup Discussion · 2017-01-15T12:42:54.003Z · LW · GW

How did you go about finding people to come to your meetups? Pre-existing friends? LW site postings? Something else?

Comment by luminosity on Meetup Discussion · 2017-01-15T12:41:57.378Z · LW · GW

When you say most of the original people moved away, do you mean the group stopped meeting, or its meetings acquired new members and a different focus?

Comment by luminosity on Meetup Discussion · 2017-01-15T12:37:40.420Z · LW · GW

Do you track where new people come from? I'm wondering about what channels it makes sense to focus on maintaining a presence in. (Hadn't thought of doing it on r/ssc)

Comment by luminosity on Meetup Discussion · 2017-01-08T05:06:03.595Z · LW · GW

Social meetups

Shortly after we started back up, we ran intermittent social meetups, such as a night out at laser tag, or a walk over the Sydney harbour bridge, followed by a picnic. These were pretty enjoyable, but organisation fell through and these lapsed. We're currently thinking about how we want to start these back up.

Comment by luminosity on Meetup Discussion · 2017-01-08T05:04:07.341Z · LW · GW

Dinner meetups

We have a monthly meetup at an RSL in Sydney -- we've found this is a good venue, as people who want to can get food and drinks, but not everyone needs to. At a cafe there is more pressure to have to make purchases over time if you're taking up their floor space.

This was the first meetup we ran when the Less Wrong Sydney group resumed meeting -- at first we ran them with a focus on group discussions, and talking about a particular topic, but we found that often a topic was more of a reason for people to stay away, than for people to come. With the advent of the dojos, there wasn't as much pressure for this to deliver on applied rationality, and so it has turned into more of a group discussion space.

We're currently in the middle of an experiment of trying to drive people to these meetups from a group -- if people seem interested, we can then invite them to come along to the dojos also.

Comment by luminosity on Meetup Discussion · 2017-01-08T04:59:28.719Z · LW · GW

Rationality Dojos

We started these off using material taken from CFAR workshops -- gradually over time related topics such as Kegan's Immunity to Change have been introduced.

We started off running these as one two hour session, all given by the same person, but after a year we switched to a new format, where we break off into two - three segments run by different people. This keeps people's attention better, reduces the amount of work individual presenters do, and allows us to experiment with new material without having to worry that if it doesn't work out the whole session will be rendered pointless.

There's a strong focus in the dojos of doing work on real problems people have -- we want to avoid sessions where people give talks, everyone feels enlightened, but people then don't go ahead and use the new knowledge. We also take advantage of the monthly timing to allow people to lay down goals for the next month that they'll be made accountable for at the next meetup.

Comment by luminosity on Meetup Discussion · 2017-01-08T04:53:04.657Z · LW · GW

Less Wrong Sydney

We've run three different types of meetups over the last several years, each of which will get a sub-comment below.

Comment by luminosity on Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - June · 2016-05-01T12:22:33.928Z · LW · GW

The date was originally incorrectly set to 1 May instead of 5 June. This is now fixed.

Comment by luminosity on Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - October · 2015-09-29T12:15:37.178Z · LW · GW

Disregard the time, the meetup starts at 4, and the post won't correct.

Comment by luminosity on Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Planning and Debugging · 2015-04-16T21:57:49.981Z · LW · GW

For those who wish to come along we will also have our usual group dinner after the dojo ends, around 6pm.

Comment by luminosity on 16 types of useful predictions · 2015-04-11T02:19:18.451Z · LW · GW

Fair call on my intellectual laziness in not performing the brainstorming myself. Point taken. However, if you are noticing a pattern of many people doing this over time, it seems like this is something article authors could take into account to get more impact out of their articles. Unless the point is to make the person reading do the brainstorming to build that habit, then the time of many readers can be saved by the person who wrote the article, and presumably has already passed this point and thus put in the time sharing tips or a call to action on how to get started.

I want to stress that I don't consider this an obligation on the article author. If Julia, or anyone else, doesn't want to put in that time, then we can be grateful (and I am) that they have shared with us the time they have already. However, I do view it as an opportunity for authors who wish to have a greater impact.

On a a more concrete level, thanks for sharing your thought process on this topic. Very useful.

Comment by luminosity on What have we learned from meetups? · 2015-04-09T11:11:54.428Z · LW · GW

One extra note I'd add. We've had a few events where another group, or a fraction thereof, and our group combined for the event. I'd recommend strongly against these unless you think there is significant demographic overlap, as I felt it strongly diluted the event, both in terms of group feel and also in terms of group focus.

Comment by luminosity on 16 types of useful predictions · 2015-04-09T08:36:32.001Z · LW · GW

I love the list of predictions, but I also feel fairly confident in predicting that this post won't prompt me to actually make more (or more useful) predictions. Do you have any tips on building the habit of making predictions?

Comment by luminosity on Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Skill Training Part 2 · 2015-04-08T21:48:07.347Z · LW · GW

Location has been updated.

Comment by luminosity on Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Skill Training Part 2 · 2015-03-01T21:08:47.257Z · LW · GW

Note: 4pm not 5pm, time widget is misbehaving.

Comment by luminosity on Low Hanging fruit for buying a better life · 2015-01-07T21:16:36.856Z · LW · GW

The reason I really love Spotify style services is that they massively reduce the friction of trying new things out. I've found a lot more music I enjoy of various different types over the last two years of using rdio / spotify than in any time period previous to that, because the cost of trying something new is as simple as typing in a search query.

Comment by luminosity on State of the Solstice 2014 · 2014-12-27T22:40:20.578Z · LW · GW

We ran a summer solstice event in Sydney also. 8 people attended for a potluck picnic in Centennial park, general social interaction, then we watched the sun go down while reflecting on the year that had been. This was followed by an attempt to get candles working -- even with cups to shield them, they kept being extinguished. Fortunately, this was about the worst thing to go wrong.

After the sundown, different people ran various short sessions. We had one on the hedonic treadmill, one on what's known about planning new year's resolutions, a session where we discussed how the year had been for us, while everyone else listened, and one where people gifted ideas they thought were valuable, to everyone else present (an attempt for a better way to do kris kringle / secret santa type exchanges without the buying of pointless things).

All in all I consider it a major success. I had a great time, I think other participants did also. Definitely worth the time to organise.

Comment by luminosity on Editing meetups · 2014-12-05T23:13:43.359Z · LW · GW

Thank you, that fixed the problem! Maybe the link should be larger or placed in a different location. My guess is I didn't parse it because of its proximity to the map where you usually get map-related links.

Comment by luminosity on What supplements do you take, if any? · 2014-10-24T07:41:46.583Z · LW · GW

Shorty before bed:

  • 1mg melatonin
  • 150mg magnesium citrate

After morning coffee:

  • 1 large fish oil pill
  • 3000 IU D3
  • 1 CDP Choline (leftover from see below)

Discontinued due to lack of noticeable effect:

  • Rhodiola rosea
  • Vitamin K
  • Pramiracetam
  • Aniracetam
  • Oxiracetam
  • Noopept
  • Zinc
  • Caffeine pills
  • L- Theanine
Comment by luminosity on 2014 Less Wrong Census/Survey · 2014-10-23T03:19:47.064Z · LW · GW

Taken the survey (would have loved to do digit ratio, but too difficult to get access to the equipment needed).

Comment by luminosity on Meetup : Sydney Rationality Dojo - Urge Propagation · 2014-09-28T01:56:59.165Z · LW · GW

Note: Date keeps changing to say 3PM. This is at 4PM!

Comment by luminosity on Some alternatives to “Friendly AI” · 2014-06-15T22:00:32.198Z · LW · GW

Some other alternatives:

  • Human-Friendly AGI
  • Constrained AGI
  • Humanist AGI
  • Human-Valuing AGI
  • Secure AGI
Comment by luminosity on Australian Mega-Meetup 2014 Retrospective · 2014-05-22T11:56:35.898Z · LW · GW

I consider this evidence that we need to bring more rationalists together more often.

Hear, hear!

Comment by luminosity on Positive Queries - How Fetching · 2014-05-04T00:56:01.969Z · LW · GW

I use a slight variant of this. Deep enough pockets, with my wallet placed in on top of my keys. It's slightly more work to access the keys, since I have to remove the wallet first, but that also means they can't easily fall out. In fact, I've only ever once lost keys with this strategy, and that was due to locking them inside a house with a deadlock.

Comment by luminosity on Items to Have In Case of Emergency...Maybe. · 2014-04-12T02:10:46.986Z · LW · GW

It depends how you do it. Some of my data is backed up via Google drive in almost as automatic a way as is possible. Add a new folder to your documents library (Windows 7+), make this folder the default save location for the library, make it the folder where google drive manages backups automatically (there is a program you download to do this). Now you just need to pick the documents folder whenever you initially save something important, and the rest is handled for you. The same would be easily doable with dropbox.

Comment by luminosity on Group Rationality Diary, April 1-15 · 2014-04-11T13:44:47.446Z · LW · GW

I haven't found a bullet-proof method, I'm afraid. The large majority of artists I've contacted have turned out not to be suitable, too expensive, or (mostly) just flaky. My primary methods have been browsing deviantart in relevant categories, and finding active artists with either the same art style that I want, or a show of competence in multiple styles; or the same evaluation but applied to the Indie Gamer art portfolio forum.

One thing to bear in mind is that even if an artist is too busy to work for you themself, they may know people who they'll be happy to refer to you.

Comment by luminosity on Group Rationality Diary, April 1-15 · 2014-04-02T10:10:50.167Z · LW · GW

I recently re-evaluated whether I should continue making the game I took a few years off work to develop a while ago, which is mostly finished except for artwork / animations. I was unsure as to whether it was worth continuing with or whether it was just sunk cost keeping me going. After ignoring the sunk costs, and re-running the calculations, I decided it was worth continuing, and have since got in contact with several artists to get work on it rolling again.

Comment by luminosity on How valuable is volunteering? · 2014-03-30T21:03:36.536Z · LW · GW

As John_Maxwell_IV says, it really depends on the project. A good recent example is the knockout javascript library. My last job was focused on building javascript/REST-API driven dynamic admin interfaces. Without knockout, having to use just jquery & native JS I don't think it's an exaggeration to say I may have been an order of magnitude less productive. Some of the more advanced features I was able to deliver would probably have been too complex to manage.

Of course, not everybody working away at their own new great idea should expect to be able to have anywhere near that level of impact, but I think it gives a good estimate of the sort of impact that is within grasp for the most successful experiments / projects.

Comment by luminosity on How valuable is volunteering? · 2014-03-30T20:59:30.434Z · LW · GW

An easy first step is to just report the problem with the documentation when you find it. Something can't get fixed if it's not found, and reporting bugs should be pretty simple through the github interface for your standard project.

As for contributing fixes, you'll need to have a little experience with forking, creating pull-requests etc, but the nice thing is that these are basically free to play around with for open source projects on git-hub (or bitbucket). Most documentation will be in one of a few basic formats in the project's source code (markdown is popular, as is re-structured text for python projects). These are usually designed to be relatively easy to edit, and are fairly simple to find tutorials and introductions for.

Another way you can help out without fixing bugs is by triaging existing bugs. Not all projects need these, but a lot of larger ones have a problem with just sorting through bugs to find what matters, what's urgent, what's a duplicate, or a won't fix etc. Many are more than happy to welcome a new volunteer on board who can just read through new tickets as they come in and set labels such as 'duplicate' or 'blocker'. Being involved in the process in this way, you can then follow along seeing how the existing core developers go about fixing bugs, and pick up from there.

Comment by luminosity on How valuable is volunteering? · 2014-03-29T23:01:54.961Z · LW · GW

Programming libraries and making them freely available, as in a large number of open-source projects seems to me like a definite positive. For instance, the jquery javascript library is freely available, such that learning it is a transferrable skill between jobs, a foundation that other projects can build upon, and means the messy work of ensuring cross-platform javascript compatibility only has to be performed in one place, instead of again and again. There are many other examples of useful pieces of programming infrastructure provided for by volunteer work, from graphics frameworks, to programming languages and so on.

I'd also contend that there is a lot of room for volunteer work within open source, for those looking to contribute in these ways. The project that doesn't have more issues in their bug trackers than they have people can handle is rare, and often many of these bugs are simple enough that even a relatively new programmer could contribute.

Comment by luminosity on What we learned about Less Wrong from Cognito Mentoring advising · 2014-03-08T00:32:14.994Z · LW · GW

Quora hack: Add '?share=1' to the end of the url, and you can read everything.

Comment by luminosity on Open Thread for February 3 - 10 · 2014-02-03T20:51:00.123Z · LW · GW

Usually I'll read it in depth first, then once I know if it's worth taking notes, I'll return to it and scan through quickly for those points I know are worth grabbing.

Comment by luminosity on How can I spend money to improve my life? · 2014-02-02T12:02:46.724Z · LW · GW

If you want to gain personal skills, a good avenue for spending money is removing distractions that decrease the time you have to devote to these skills. For example, hire cleaners or gardeners to free up the time spent on necessary chores.

Comment by luminosity on Division of cognitive labour in accordance with researchers' ability · 2014-01-17T13:05:30.142Z · LW · GW

wondering why is it that the more senior a researcher becomes, the more (s)he resembles a manager.

It's not the only profession where this is the case. Programming is notorious for having no career progression after your first decade unless you want to get into management and stop or slow programming activity.

Comment by luminosity on Building Phenomenological Bridges · 2013-12-23T00:43:57.115Z · LW · GW

Fantastic post. Usually with posts along the lines of AI & epistemology I just quickly scan them as I expect them to go over my head, or descend straight into jargon, but this was extremely well explained, and a joy to follow.

Comment by luminosity on December Monthly Bragging Thread · 2013-12-08T01:02:57.978Z · LW · GW

Purely anecdotal, but since I started taking cold showers, ~20 degrees C has gone from being switch to warm clothing territory, to fine in a t-shirt instead.

Comment by luminosity on 2013 Less Wrong Census/Survey · 2013-11-22T08:07:45.389Z · LW · GW

Taken the survey. Thanks for doing this, Yvain.

Comment by luminosity on How to have high-value conversations · 2013-11-13T11:01:11.695Z · LW · GW

Obligatory non-standard font grumble.

Comment by luminosity on A Workflow with Spaced Repetition · 2013-11-03T21:04:06.772Z · LW · GW

I wish I could put some decks at “low throttle” and some at “high throttle” (say, I want to learn 20 driving code cards a day, but only 3 vim cards). Anki has a setting that says how many new cards you get, but it's global; so either I change that setting all the time (which can be done fairly quickly), or control the influx by leaving stuff in Google Docs.

I just double-checked. You can. Create a new option group for a deck, go to its options, and change the number of new cards, reviewed cards, etc per day. I currently have Latin vocab set to 5 new per day, Japanese vocab set to 10 for instance. (Done through Anki for Windows, unsure if you can set this up through the web or phone).

Comment by luminosity on Open Thread, October 27 - 31, 2013 · 2013-10-28T10:02:15.976Z · LW · GW

I haven't tried authoring an article myself, but a quick look now seems to indicate that you can't upload images, only link to them. This means images must be hosted on third parties, meaning you have to upload it there and if not directly under your control, it's vulnerable to link rot. It seems like this would be inconvenient.

Comment by luminosity on Group Rationality Diary, October 1-15, plus frequency poll · 2013-10-03T13:35:56.597Z · LW · GW

Short answer:

Long answer: Anything I want to repeat, with reminders, that is measurable (the enforcement is nice, but actually much less important than the reminders, tracking and ease of entering data for me).

Comment by luminosity on AI ebook cover design brainstorming · 2013-09-27T09:21:55.566Z · LW · GW
  • A dark close-up of a security camera. In its lens you can see a threatened-looking human.
  • A chess board, human pieces vs robotic. The human is in checkmate.
  • An opened laptop on top of a pile of skulls.
  • A robotic hand grasping the world. See 1, 2
Comment by luminosity on Help us name a short primer on AI risk! · 2013-09-18T11:23:37.416Z · LW · GW

An Alien Mind: The Risks of AI

Comment by luminosity on Open thread, September 16-22, 2013 · 2013-09-17T13:08:26.041Z · LW · GW

Is there much known about how to recall information you've memorised at the right time / in the right context? I can memorise pieces of knowledge just fine with Anki, and if someone asks me a question about that piece of information I can tell them the answer no problem. However, recalling in the right situation that a piece of information exists and using it -- that I'm finding much more of a challenge. I've been trying to find information on instilling information in such a way as to recall it in the right context for the last few days, but none of the avenues of inquiry I've searched have yielded anything on the level I'm wanting. Most articles I've found are talking about specific good habits, or memory, rather than their mechanisms and how to engage them.

Comment by luminosity on Reflective Control · 2013-09-07T04:39:19.021Z · LW · GW

Does your scale really go from 1-100? It seems unlikely to me that you could really notice the difference between a 32 and a 33, for instance, and I notice everything in your example is an increment of 5.

Comment by luminosity on Which subreddits should we create on Less Wrong? · 2013-09-06T08:41:57.753Z · LW · GW

Downvoted as I don't think Effective Altruism is broad enough to justify an entire sub-reddit if we're still sticking to a small overall number.