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While this is a nice summary of classifier trade-offs, I think you are entirely too dismissive of the role of history in the dataset, and if I didn't know any better, I would walk away with the idea that fairness comes down to just choosing an optimal trade-off for a classifier. If you had read any of the technical response, you would have noticed that when controlling for "recidivism, criminal history, age and gender across races, black defendants were 45 percent more likely to get a higher score". Controls are important because they let you get at the underlying causal model, which is more important for predicting a person's recidivism than what statistical correlations will tell you. Choosing the right causal model is not an easy problem, but it is at the heart of what we mean when we conventionally talk about fairness.

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This is fun. You might consider looking into dynamical systems, since this is in effect what you are studying here. The general idea for a dynamical system is that you have some state whose derivative is given by some function . You can look at the fixed points of such systems, and characterize their behavior relative to these. The notion of bifurcation classifies what happens as you change the parameters in a similar way to what you're doing
There are maybe 2 weird things you're doing from this perspective. The first is the max function, which is totally valid, though usually people study these systems with continuous and nonlinear functions . What you're getting with it falling into a node and staying is a consequence of the system being otherwise linear. Such systems are pretty easy to characterize in terms of their fixed points. The other weird thing is time dependence; normally these things are given by with no time dependence, called autonomous systems. I'm not entirely clear how you're implementing the preference decay, so I can't say too much there.

As for the specific content, give me a bit to read more.

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Why doesn't district 9 count? I get that South Africa is a very different place than the rest of the sub-continent, but that would be like saying a movie about Mexico doesn't count as North American.

Your description reminds me somewhat of Slaughterhouse 9, with its focus on how war would be perceived from an alien perspective, though I guess the moral clarity that that book gets from being written after a war with clear victors is not available to us w.r.g. to the state of the middle east. I second thetruejacob that it is difficult to find any reference to the work; does it exist in English somewhere? It does sound worthwhile

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My take away is that we should actually only be counting EPM in these matches, rather than APM, and counting most/all of AlphaStar's clicks as effective.