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This is fun. You might consider looking into dynamical systems, since this is in effect what you are studying here. The general idea for a dynamical system is that you have some state whose derivative is given by some function . You can look at the fixed points of such systems, and characterize their behavior relative to these. The notion of bifurcation classifies what happens as you change the parameters in a similar way to what you're doing
There are maybe 2 weird things you're doing from this perspective. The first is the max function, which is totally valid, though usually people study these systems with continuous and nonlinear functions . What you're getting with it falling into a node and staying is a consequence of the system being otherwise linear. Such systems are pretty easy to characterize in terms of their fixed points. The other weird thing is time dependence; normally these things are given by with no time dependence, called autonomous systems. I'm not entirely clear how you're implementing the preference decay, so I can't say too much there.

As for the specific content, give me a bit to read more.

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Why doesn't district 9 count? I get that South Africa is a very different place than the rest of the sub-continent, but that would be like saying a movie about Mexico doesn't count as North American.

Your description reminds me somewhat of Slaughterhouse 9, with its focus on how war would be perceived from an alien perspective, though I guess the moral clarity that that book gets from being written after a war with clear victors is not available to us w.r.g. to the state of the middle east. I second thetruejacob that it is difficult to find any reference to the work; does it exist in English somewhere? It does sound worthwhile

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My take away is that we should actually only be counting EPM in these matches, rather than APM, and counting most/all of AlphaStar's clicks as effective.