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Low interest rates are like giving free money to banks etc .  Why not just give us ordinary people free money ? Why don't I get  to borrow at the fed rate ? I will happily provide colateral.  The right question is not why the fed sets interest rates, but why it does not provide the same rates directly to everyone including us little folk while cutting out the banking middlemen. We should all have a a fed account.

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Looks like I was confused  and thought that FFP2 is just a simple cloth mask. Also my country only requires a simple face covering instead of a N95 or FFP-2 mask.  

Comment by YimbyGeorge (mardukofbabylon) on How do you deal with people cargo culting COVID-19 defense? · 2021-06-24T10:29:29.207Z · LW · GW

I am curious ,what does the data say? Is wearing even a poorly fitting mask better at preventing you from spreading covid compared to  not wearing amask at all?

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Some images will be helpful to understand what you are saying.

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If there was peace and stable borders everywhere then there would be no refugees.  We need to modify these old conventions to cover present conditions. Let us put it to the vote in the refugee receiving country, I speculate that for a 1000$ a year the average voter will be happy to vote for anyone who will get them  their cash. 

Germany is willing to meddle abroad, as an example they have   been in afghanistan:

Comment by mardukofbabylon on [deleted post] 2021-05-14T08:43:26.336Z

I was inspired by the Alaska oil fund

A 1000$ a year for every resident is quite good.

Also why should natural resources be owned by a few oligarchs, or companies,  or a royal family?  

As a consequentialist I would argue that the "resource curse" would be minimised if the ownership or profit from natural resources  is owned instead by  every resident.

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Politics is about incentives.  If due to the rightful  share of resources  received from the refugees the German state can legally seize Syrian oilfields  with UN armed support and setup a  oil fund for their citizens - it will be popular. But the seized resources must be setup to pay dividends to citizens.

Imagine every German citizen receiving a 1000$ a year due to an oil fund like they do in Alaska .

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Taller, stronger, smarter? 

Remove negatives like lactose  or alcohol intolerance or susceptibility to disease.

Perhaps to see what people will choose; why not check out what they are selecting from sperm banks when they are allowed to make choices ?

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Use alignment of interests. The Captain must sink with the ship. 

Those in power and their immediate families  must be forced by law to use only the  services available to the lower classes while they are in office:

  1. Live in public housing.
  2. Use no private healthcare . Social healthcare is ok.
  3. Send their children only to state schools ( I think singapore enforces this).
  4. Mandatory conscription for their families if they send troops abroad.
  5. Use only public transport.

This will be a system of government where the fate of the elite is aligned with the lower half of the population. You cannot be allowed to take up a civil or political post if you do not agree. you can always resign and go back to your previous lifestyle at any point. I think that this way the standard of living will be raised for all. A lot of the elite  are not evil, they simply lack any undertanding  for the fate of those  at the bottom.  Being forced to live like common people  may help them develop some empathy.

To summarise - the design of incentives is just as important  as design of  the laws and structure of government.

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Even a fetus has stimulus. Sound, pressure, movement, touch. Without stimulus and the ability to react  you would develop no intelligence, your brain networks cannot be trained. Life would be a fuzzy haze until you die.

Comment by YimbyGeorge (mardukofbabylon) on Why are young, healthy people eager to take the Covid-19 vaccine? · 2020-11-22T16:13:09.749Z · LW · GW

You have a good summary.

Point Against manadatory Vaccination: Decreases trust in Government. There will be rebellion. 

Point for vaccination in young people: Covid does have serious effects other than death. A decrease in brain and cardiovascular function is entirely possible in young healthy people. To just use fatality rates may not be  not an accurate measure of risk. 

Young people may also be more social or work in jobs where they are more  likely to spread it. Taking a vaccine may give you the confidence to go about your socialising and work without fear or guilt of infecting others.

Imagine a bar or restaurant advertising that their entire staff is vaccinated, I imagine that they will be likely to attract more business.