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I have a view that would seem contrarian in this community.

SIAI shifted its focus from triggering an AI-based Singularity to doing 'saferty' research, because Yudkowsky understood that SIAI is no better off at building AGI than any other AI research organization. Actually, worse, because of low funding and at that time the sole full-time member.

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That is partially true. The extensive atrocities carried ot by the Western Allies have not been given as much spotlight as the atrocities of the Axis and now the Soviets.

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Then, what is your preferred ethical theory?

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Conspiracist nonsense? Can you explain your reasons + what that implies about the rest of the events that occured on 9/11. You forgot to mention, perhaps your global warming denial. Are you some far-left hippie? So many downvotes? Care to explain?

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Because of whatever parts I have read of an English translation of the Islamic scripture Quran, it seemed like 'Mein Kampf' means Quran and Nazi means 'Muslim'.

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Does the work of FHI come under Philosophy?

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In one word : Bicameralism.

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MIRI's website mentions a list of their donors. However, the list does not mention Jeffrey Epstein. I found that name on a list of donors from 2011. Perhaps, the scandal or conviction of Jeffrey Epstein made MIRI remove his name.

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Well an underlaying assumption is that the superintelligence knows about our existence. Incidentally, we have till now not recieved any radio signal from an alien entity, nor have we observed any kind of alien megastructure. For an alien superintelligence to be aware of our existence it would have to be in our cosmic neighbourhood. The second assumption is that it has some preference over the existence of life on Earth. That is not reasonable to assume. It might be possible that the superintelligence is a mute observer. For example, we can extend this theorem to some kind of a Divine Right of Royalty

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Till this point, I have heard the idea of an ethics axiomatic system several times. But, no suggestion of what such axioms could be. Computer aided analysis in the sense of an automated theorem checker to search for contradictions in the system.

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Quantum immortality can be easily adapted to the Tegmark multiverse idea. Turchin wrote an article naming the idea 'Multiverse immortality'. His formulation is that : for every sequence with n observer movements, there shall be an observe moment n+1.

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Essentially, your first suggestion is doing computer aided analysis on ethical theories, and proving theorems under them. Right?

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Timeline of AI Alignment meetings

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Beware, starting as an irrational socialist, one might end up as a far left Socialist for e.g. Maoism. (My experience)

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I will put it under 10 percent. AI progress is too fast and SIAI pardon me, MIRI has till now no kind of a code to experiment with.

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At present, both India and Pakistan have more than 100 nuclear warheads each. The relations are cold and (as an Indian living in India) there is much hatred. Militants based in Pakistan actively wage an insurgency in the Indian region of Kashmir.

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Being a Marxist at one time, I also suffered from this problem.

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Well, then why would the person even give refuge to Anne Frank? Or wait for the Brownshirt to come to his house.

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Who is here from a country that does not hold elections?

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I wouldn't trust USA with a super intelligence, after their conduct in Korea, in the nuclear attack on Japan and the bombardment of civilians in Vietnam and the blockade of Iraq in 1990s that killed over half a million. Not to forget the interference in 1970s and 1980s that installed a large number of military dictatorships, the support for the genocide of Bangladeshis by Pakistan in 1971 (USA nearly intervened to save the Islamist military dictatorship in war from the freedom fighters and secular democratic government of India).

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(a) The Christian god is supposed to be the Creator of the Universe, so the size of the universe has no effect on the probability of his existence.

(b) God is supposed to be omnipotent (thus having the power to defy all physical laws) and omniscient (having every bit of information).

I don't think the size of the Universe will make such a god any more improbable.

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I happen to know a few guys, religious, that have maid the Many-Worlds God Argument. Since, all possible worlds exist, therefore it means that in some world God exists. Since, God is Omnipotent so he rules our world too.

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Definitely. Before such technology comes into existence, cryonic preservation for future Resurrection is fantasy.